Aqua Fusion Teinté

Aqua Fusion Teinté

'Continuously Infusing Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15

  • All skin types

    Drop by drop, over a few hours it releases its moisturising power to quench my skin's thirst and make it glow.

    This tinted cream combines the sheer lightness of its shades to a powerfully fresh and moisturising effect. Its SPF 15 protection protects your skin from sun damage all day long. Intensely moisturised and refreshed all day long, your skin appears dazzlingly fresh and radiantly natural.

    • 02 Sable
    • 02 Sable
  • Technology
    What if the best moisturiser were the water inside your cells?
    Skin experts, the Lancôme Laboratories have decoded the composition of the water in the skin’s cells and transformed it into Aquacellular ™. This water, which contains 16 essential elements, is at the heart of the AQUA FUSION formula and continuously infuses your skin to replenish it and help it regain its ideal moisture level.
    - Immediate absorption: this water so closely resembles that of the epidermis that it naturally fuses with your skin. It is perfectly absorbed down to the last drop. No more “extra layer” sensation on the skin’s surface.
    - Intense Hydration: rich in powerful moisturisers, calcium, manganese and zinc, this water replenishes the skin with its own physiological water. The skin’s natural hydration mechanisms are reactivated, leaving the skin intensely hydrated and supple.
    - Lasting comfort: bio-spheres diffuse Aquacellular™ continuously for 24-hour hydration. The protective skin barrier is reinforced. Comfortable and soft, your skin no longer feels tight.
    - Unified, radiant complexion: ultra-light colour pigments ideally brighten and unify your complexion all day long. Your face is visibly refreshed and naturally radiant.
    - Sun protection: SPF 15 protects your skin from sun damage all day long.

    Discover the fresh, delicate fragrance of this tinted cream whose light texture offers a sensation of freshness.

    Formula tested under dermatological control.
    Non-oily – Non-comedogenic

    Your skin is radiant every day..
    Apply Aqua Fusion Teinté to thoroughly cleansed skin, preferably in the morning. It is a natural foundation for a sheer makeup finish. It glides on before Lancôme powder, and in the evening can be replaced by Aqua Fusion Fluid, Cream-Gel or dry skin Cream, to perfectly cleansed skin