Absolue Premium ßx

Absolue Premium ßx

Regenerating and Replenishing Care SPF 15

  • Absolue Premium ßx key features:

    Absolue, an exceptional collection of regenerating skincare.
    Inspired by Nature, sublimated by Science.

    Inspired by 20 years of research on skin stem cells, cells gifted with ability to restore and maintain youthfulness, and by nature’s incredible regenerating potential, Lancôme has created Absolue Premium ßx Day Care, specially conceived to deliver regenerating and replenishing efficacy. The alliance of White Iris Extract and Pro-Xylane™, our iconic molecule drawn from green-tech processes, is concentrated in a perfectly balanced, sumptuous yet airy sensorial texture. It leaves the skin looks visibly rejuvenated, replenished with moisture, with a regenerated radiance. Spectacularly more beautiful.

    Royal Iris…

    Mostly likely originating in the Mediterranean in 3000 B.C., Iris also grows naturally in Japan, China, India and Africa. A symbol of power and majesty since antiquity, it is the flower of kings, from Egypt of the Pharaohs to the court of France. Its three petals embody loyalty, wisdom and value, while its precious rhizomes are one of the rarest and most highly sought-after ingredients in perfumery. Iris also gave its name to the messenger of the gods in the Greek pantheon, was renowned in ancient times for its medicinal properties.